DLN Integrated Systems Unveils PRODecant Solution for Distribution Facilities Requiring Broken Case Picking 

GRAND RAPIDS, MI:  DLN Integrated Systems announces its patent pending PRODecant Solution, a robotic method for opening cases and transferring the contents into storage totes automatically, is now available. 

Currently most “decanting” is done manually, with distribution center workers handling received boxes for collection, organization or split case purposes. The worker repetitively lifts the box or carton, opens it with a sharp instrument, and empties it into another container. 

“Our clients struggle with labor shortages and are constantly looking for ways to use automation in their distribution centers,” says Phil Schaafsma, DLN President, “so our team wanted to create a new solution to reduce a potentially dangerous step in what needed to be done manually.” 

The PRODecant Solution consists of a robotic system that utilizes the latest vision technology to identify the unique specifications of a customer’s cartons to automatically open and empty the contents into a tote. The tote is then routed, typically via conveyor, to a forward pick location or automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS). 

DLN Team Members Stand With PRODecant

The benefits to using PRODecant include saving on labor expense, improving the work quality by avoiding a repetitive and dangerous step in the decanting process, and increasing data accuracy as PRODecant communicates to Warehouse control software.  

“A good candidate for PRODecant is a company that values automation and has difficulty finding labor, requires broken case or ‘each picking’ in their process, and does a high volume of decanting,” explains Marc Gordon, DLN Director of Sales & Business Development. 

The market for PRODecant exists in both retail and wholesale applications, in such industries as retail, grocery, automotive, and pharmaceutical. DLN leadership expects to continue with strong growth, both with existing long-term clients and with attracting new clients that seek DLN’s unique approach. 

PRODecant is available to be viewed in person at DLN headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan or via video meeting. See more details at

About DLN Integrated Systems: DLN is a premier material handling systems integrator providing automated solutions for distribution centers and production facilities to create efficient product flow. DLN works with grocery, retail, food and beverage, manufacturing, and industrial clients. DLN was founded in 2002 by David Neu, Paul Neu and Phil Schaafsma. DLN values its employees and its community, and for the past 16 years has partnered with The Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan for the Paul Neu Memorial Golf Classic held in June. 


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