Preventive Maintenance

Remote & On-Site Maintenance Programs

In addition to our warranty support, DLN has created a three tier maintenance support system that includes such things as ongoing phone and email support, emergency on-site response time, spare parts management and 24/7 phone support.

Our goal is to keep your system running smoothly at all times. We are here to support and assist however possible.

Depending on your specific needs and budget, we can discuss the maintenance program that is right for you.

A universal truth is that moving parts require maintenance.

Equipment downtime is one of the most frequent, yet also one of the most preventable issues your company may face.

We see and hear of companies that invest millions in upfront equipment cost but neglect to protect that investment. Too often companies will not (or can not) hire the correct personnel to maintain their equipment, they’ll try save some money not purchasing critical spare parts, or they’ll ignore recurring warning signs and hope for the best.

These common practices lead to universal reactive maintenance.

The operations team will be less willing to allow scheduled PMs if it was not established from the beginning. Evaluating volatile equipment health and identifying all the band aid solutions will take substantial effort.

Establishing a good PM model from the beginning is critical.

DLN will provide the tools required to set up a good Preventative, Predictive, or RCM (reliability centered) maintenance program. Setting up these programs it is a team effort that relies on the buy-in of the system users to be successful.

If you are currently in a reactive maintenance model and need help finding a way out, we would love to help.