We came across the Manifest show a few months ago and were impressed by what is billed as a “premiere gathering of industry leaders, innovators, and investors in a showcase of the cutting edge of Logistics and Supply Chain.” With talks by over 200 industry leaders – including Walmart, UPS, H & M and Microsoft, the show offers multiple tracks such as green logistics, automation and quantum computing and machine learning.

We plan to send CJ Anten, Senior Intralogistics Engineer, and Theresa Holl, Account Executive, to Las Vegas to attend. Held January 25 – 27 at The Paris, Las Vegas.

Theresa says “I can’t wait to check out the technology at this show and hear from industry leaders so we can get ideas on how to add value for our clients.”

We’re looking forward to hearing the talks as well as getting hands-on to ‘test drive’ autonomous vehicles, check out warehouse automation technologies, try out various wearables, and watch delivery bots zipping around the hall.

“I’m eager to hear some of these smaller tech companies describe how they can help solve problems in a fulfillment center,” says CJ Anten, “which we can then apply to our solutions development.”

Attendees will be there from Nike, Meijer, Albertson’s, Kroger, IKEA, CVS, and TechCrunch. Are you planning to attend? We’d love to meet up with you! Fill out the form below and we will get in touch.

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