Engineering & data Analysis


DLN team members have many years of field related engineering experience that we apply to extracting historical data to help us understand your needs.

Our engineers are not only talented, but they have the people skills to make working with us a pleasure. We’ll develop a cost-effective solution and design that fits your needs precisely, using data and by asking the right questions.

Our engineering expertise starts when we first understand the business objectives, before we even concept the solution, and finishes when we complete a fully operational system.

From small manual pick systems to multi-million-dollar turn-key fully automated intralogistic systems, you’ll notice our attention to detail and commitment to excellence.


DLN Engineering Studies

Multi-phase approach to observe, analyze, and recommend optimal solutions to current through-put challenges & operational inefficiencies.

All backed by data and research, building an ROI for making solid business decisions.

Let our team uncover opportunities for operational improvement in your facility.

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Define Objectives

Overall operations are reviewed in detail with your team and the DLN team. Consensus on goals, objectives and targets is reached.

Develop Approach

The approach is determined, and data is collected from observing operations, reviewing data and Q & A sessions with staff. 

Operational Analysis

Data is reviewed and analyzed by our expert engineers. Findings are confirmed with the entire team, then improvements or changes to operations and technology are carefully evaluated. 

Conceptual Design

Initial concept are created as a means of visualizing challenges and potential solutions. The team reviews the designs and discusses any issues before moving on to the next step. 

Detail Design

Designs and complete recommendations are presented. This is data-driven and is supported by the work done in the previous phases. ROI is included to visualize the results of the improvements on the facility.


Upon deciding next steps, DLN will implement the most effective and efficient technologies and solutions to achieve optimal results. Our team of creative engineers have extensive experience. As a systems integrator, we are impartial to any specific solution or technology.O

Support / Service

Regardless of which direction is taken, our Support team is on hand to ensure competent installation and knowledgeable guidance on spare parts and maintenance.

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