Caroline Czyzewski

We’re thrilled to have Michigan Tech student Caroline Czyzewski as our Software Engineering Intern for 2023. She’ll graduate in December 2023, and has already accepted a position to begin as a full time Software Project Engineer starting in January 2024.

Caroline is working on DLN’s software PROMaintain, which helps clients avoid downtime by guiding them on equipment maintenance.

“Since working here, I have learned that the project can be accomplished in so many ways and that it is normal to change or go in a new direction when running into roadblocks,” says Caroline, when describing what she’s learned so far at DLN.

“Everyone is super friendly and it’s been an easy transition into feeling like a part of the team.”

Caroline Czyzewski

Jack Altman

Jack spent the first half of his summer with DLN as a Mechanical Engineering intern, and has just accepted a full time role as Application Engineer effective July 31. We are excited to welcome him aboard!

He graduated from University of California, Irvine in June with his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

Over his internship he visited several client locations to assist conveyor system installations and testing. He also improved his AutoCAD skills and worked with a software for 3D modeling.

“The most valuable thing I have learned so far is seeing different types of conveyors in action, and being mentored on best practices from more experienced coworkers,” reports Jack.

“Everyone that I have met and worked with so far have been incredibly helpful in terms of teaching me the fundamentals of the industry as well as making me feel at home at DLN..”

Jack Altman

JJ Boogaard

JJ is a new college student planning to graduate in 2027 with a degree in controls and applied technology. He is an intern in DLN’s lifecycle services group, who has contributed to the work being done on PROMaintain.

He has supported the lifecycle services group with additional tasks, while learning about the material handling industry. He says, “DLN was very welcoming to me when I first arrived and have loved it here ever since.”

We’re glad to have you, JJ!

“Working at DLN has a way different atmosphere than most. I haven’t seen anyone not working on a set goal or working to improve as a whole.”

JJ Boogaard

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