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What Warehouse Software Solution Is Right For You?

WCS, WES, WMS – What software solutions do what? There is no concrete definition or agreement among those in the industry. 

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is responsible for a facility’s master inventory, and its flow into and out of the building. That includes product receipts, cycle counting, slotting, order creation and other high level functions.

A Warehouse Control System (WCS) runs automated systems inside your facility. A WCS handles order processing & completion, conveyor & machine control, container tracking & routing. 

A Warehouse Execution System (WES) ecompasses functionality of both WCS and WMS. A WES is a more advanced iteration of a WCS. A WES not only performs all of the tasks a WCS does, it also provides advanced decision capability and inventory control in coordination with a WMS. 

We Built Our Own WCS/WES Software Solution

Based on what we have heard over the years of working side-by-side with our clients, we could see that existing solutions were falling short. We decided to create our own solution that had flexibility to match the software to the application. PRODirect is focused on accuracy, simplicity, reliability, and flexibility. 

 With our PRODirect offering, we bring an agile, tailored solution for each customer.

Make Faster Decisions

Robust dashboards at the click of a button displays the info you need.

Easy To Learn, Easy To Use

Spend less time training and troubleshooting. Spend more time doing what you need to do.

Feel Confident

PRODirect offers exactly what you need, nothing more — with reduced fear of downtimes.

How is prodirect better?

PRODirect offers 3 clear advantages over other WCS/WES solutions.

  • Short development cycle – proven tested base of software, quickly configured.
  • Simple & flexible – your system is tailored to be as lean as possible.
  • Data insights – our dashboards and reporting provides clear info you can use to make decisions.

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