Labor Optimization Software

How can a logistics system run every operating hour at the optimum?

DLN is proud to partner with an innovative, award winning firm offering a cutting edge software solution that offers increased performance, better reporting and real-time problem solving.

RedPILOT software allows optimum efficiency like never before.

Imagine your resources – workers, time, materials – all in the right place, at the right time, in the right amount.

Find out how our resource partnership can provide your facility these benefits:
  • Is there a problem that needs to be fixed?
    Increased overall performance (not short term peak performances), due to online bottleneck and excess capacity detection.
  • Are they efficiently producing?
    Higher operator performance and satisfaction through transparent competence management.
  • Is there money to be saved now, not later?
    Allow management decisions (warehouse manager, group leaders, supervisors) being based on real-time visibility of detailed process performances and costs.
  • What can we learn? What are we saving?
    Data based foundation for best-practice creation or enhancement and automatized assessment of potential savings.