Order Fullfillment


We understand how crucial it is for order selection to be fast and error free.

Our approach to order fulfillment begins with an evaluation of your data and overall operation. We can then determine which advanced picking system will provide your company the biggest competitive advantage. Many clients appreciate our past experience in paperless order selection solutions such as RF Picking, Pick to Light, Put to Light, Voice Directed Picking, RF Pick Carts and Goods to Person.

In addition to these advanced methods of picking, we also offer common manual methods of picking such as full case pick modules, split case pick modules and slow mover modules.


Our constant pursuit of knowledge leads us to continually discover new and better technology for our clients. We aren’t afraid of technology and are willing to try new things if the situation warrants it.

We’ve often solved tough labor problems for our clients using automation in order fulfillment and we can help you do the same.