The PRODecant Solution for Automated Decanting

Our new automated decanting solution saves on repetitive labor, increases accuracy and is a safer process for employees. The PRODecant Solution is a robotic system that utilizes the latest vision technology to identify the unique specifications of a customer’s cartons to automatically open and empty the contents into a tote. 

The tote is then routed, typically via conveyor, to a forward pick location or automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS).

PRODecant takes the place of human labor and runs 24/7. Be operationally prepared for the future by automating manual tasks in your facility now!

Reduce Operations Cost

Staff are difficult to find – use labor wisely and take advantage of automation!

Improve Quality

Avoid a repetitive and dangerous step in the decanting process.

Increase Data Accuracy

PRODecant communicates with warehouse controls software.


PRODecant is an excellent choice for companies that value automation, have difficulty finding labor, and require broken case or “each picking” in their process. PRODecant works for wholesale and retail applications, in such industries as:

  • Retail
  • Grocery
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Many more!

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What is the size limitation of products handled? Size and weight of product handled is a wide range. Anything from 6” x 6” up to 36” x 36”. However, the size is typically dictated by the size of the tote that the case is being emptied into. The case size being emptied must be smaller than the tote dimension.

Does PRODecant prevent cutting and damaging product? The unique aspect of PRODecant is the ability to cut a case on the bottom without damaging the product. We have done extensive studies and run thousands of cases to verify the positive results. We are extremely confident in safely cutting the bottom of the case without damaging product.

What is the throughput rate? The rate is between 4-7 Cases Per Minute.

What is cutting the case? A proprietary technology has been developed by DLN to use a standard fixed blade to perform the cutting. The blade can adjust up, down, in, out, and at a specific angle. The case is passed along the fixed blade. The cut can be adjusted for different SKU’s to handle variations in the packaging material. Some case are cut on all (4) sides, some are cut on all sides with the exception of a small tab that can stay with the carton when delivered to a trash system. Some cases only require (3) sides cut because of the content.

What products don’t work well with PRODecant? Glass or fragile products. With gravity playing a key role in PRODecant, the exceptions include extremely light product that won’t fall out, product that can get stuck to tape inside box and product that is too tight in the box and won’t fall even when base of the box is cut away. This solution cuts cardboard only, so shrink wrap is out of spec. Damaged cases are also a challenge for any automated equipment.

Can multiple cases be placed into one tote? Yes. The system can change the drop location of the case within the tote.

What is the weight limitation? The weight is dictated by the weight limitation of the automation the tote is being stored into. The PRODecant cell can easily handle case weights up to 45 lbs.

What is the investment for PRODecant? Depending on the application, the number of cells needed and your specific requirements, the range for a PRODecant cell is between $450K – $600K. This includes everything associated to the robot cell and excludes any conveyor.

Can it be implemented into an existing operation? Yes, the cell can be configured to fit into an existing operation. Our Engineering team can work with you to determine the best layout and implementation strategy.

How often do the blades need to be replaced? The cutter has a magazine of (75) blades that is easy to exchange when needed. Typically each blade can last approximately 7,000 linear feet of cutting but this can easily be configured by an operator. The cutter automatically swaps out the blade when the pre-determined linear feet of cutting is reached. This takes less than 5 seconds.

How many of these cells are in operation? We have a large grocery company that has a pilot cell that has been running for approximately 6 months with positive results and plans to roll out more PRODecant cells this year.

How do I see PRODecant run in person? We have a demo cell set up at our facility in Grand Rapids. We can set up a demo test to run any product you send.

Does it use vision? Vision is typically not necessary when picking cases off a conveyor. Vision is used if we need to pick cases directly off a pallet.

Can the tote be segmented into multiple compartments to handle multiple SKU’s? There is a limit to how many locations are in the tote which would typically be (4) zones. Keep in mind that the size of case cannot exceed the compartment size in the tote.