February 8, 2021

DLN Integrated Systems President, Phil Schaafsma, announced the promotions of Marc Gordon and Bob Clarkson from company Directors to Vice Presidents on Friday.

Marc Gordon

Marc Gordon will be Vice President of Business Development, overseeing efforts to onboard new projects, developing relationships in the marketplace, directing marketing and communications activities, and managing account executives.

Marc has been with DLN since 2014 and in the role of Director of Sales & Business Development since 2018.

“Marc’s giftedness in solutions development and instincts for where the market is going and how we need to react to that, has been crucial to the growth and development of DLN. It makes perfect sense to move to a higher level of responsibility for the future of DLN,” says Phil Schaafsma.

Bob Clarkson

Bob Clarkson will be Vice President of Operations, helming engineering departments, customer support and accounting & finance for the company.

Bob has been with DLN since 2018 and has over 20 years experience leading teams including 15 years in academia. He holds his MBA and doctorate degrees, and is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

“Bob has proven he can handle managing all the details – large and small – that go into providing successful solutions to our clients. He brings such a unique set of skills to the table and is ready for another level of leadership,” says Phil Schaafsma.

Reach Marc at M.Gordon@dlninc.com or Bob at B.Clarkson@dlninc.com.

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