What do you like most about working in the automated distribution industry?  

The fast pace of the industry. I see this in 3 big ways. First, how the industry responds to market changes including new trends & market disruptors. Second, how quickly new ways to move and store product throughout a facility have been coming out to the market. These would be AMR’s, industrial robotics, and shuttle systems to name a few. And third, I am fascinated by how quick a system can be installed. To see an entire distribution center go from dirt to go-live faster than a section of road can be repaired is truly inspiring. 

CJ Anten & His 4 Legged Buddy

How did you come to work at DLN?  

I came to DLN through the recommendation of a family member who also happens to be one of our (DLN) controls partners. 

How long have you been with DLN and in the industry? 

2 years with DLN and 6.5 years in the industry. 

Can you describe your role?  

The best way I can describe my role at DLN is to say that I am investigating new technologies and mapping those technologies to our customers’ automation needs. I have the unique opportunity to do research of new technologies, get to know our customers, and also support our internal sales team. Bringing these three worlds together for the benefit of our customers is the challenging and rewarding role that I fill here at DLN. 

What is something most people don’t know about you?  

Ooh, great question! I am going to go with the fact that I actually enjoy flying and prefer work trips that entail flying. 

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